Baby Wearing & Lillebaby

Before my son (Trae) was born I knew I wanted to keep him close. I was all about kangaroo care in the hospital and I was so glad I did it, he tried to latch on immediately and I felt this instant bond with him. I practiced skin to skin contact for around 3 weeks while I was establishing my milk supply, and I truly believe this helps. Your body produces hormones like crazy when you are laying with your baby against your bare chest, hence producing milk. I also wanted to keep him close in public.

I knew I wanted to wear him at the grocery, or while shopping or at church. I mean let’s just face it… none of us want someone touching our baby. I still don’t like for strangers to touch him, especially his hands or face, and he’s almost 14 months old!

I had 2 carriers given to me as gifts at my shower, a Chicco, and an Infantino. Neither were a success. Both of them caused Trae’s legs to turn purple, they got cold and they KILLED my back. He never lasted in one of them for an entire grocery trip, my back and shoulders couldn’t take it and I worried about his legs too much. I used a basic sling at home which I liked okay, but I didn’t feel like it was sturdy enough to use for a long period of time. So, around 6 months I researched soft structured carriers like it was my job. Tula, Boba, Lenny Lamb, and Lillebaby for the most part. I wanted to make sure that I spent my money on something I would be satisfied with and actually use.

I am happy to say that with Lillebaby not only did I make a good decision, I made my life so much easier, and I also started feeding the beginning of an addiction! For those of you who don’t know much about baby wearing or have never tried it, let me explain. Baby wearing is an amazing way to bond with your baby. I have 3 stories to share with you about bonding. I have a friend who couldn’t breastfeed, she felt like a failure, she felt like she hadn’t bonded with her baby, she felt guilty and she was so upset about it. The best thing about this baby carrier is that this comes with a hip seat.

baby carrier with hip seat

I encouraged her to start baby wearing to see if it helped. Do you know that she is still thanking me for helping her and this happened 3 months ago?! She said she felt like that closeness is what she needed to help cope with not breastfeeding. Another friend suffered from postpartum depression for several months. I encouraged her to start baby wearing as well. She said she didn’t feel close to the baby, she sometimes didn’t enjoy feeding the baby or even rocking her to sleep. (more…)

My Top Favorite Jogging Strollers For New Mom’s

Finding the perfect stroller can be like finding a needle in a haystack, it’s near impossible. What’s even harder than finding the perfect stroller though is finding the perfect jogging stroller. Here is a look at my top three favorite jogging strollers.

Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy

This great jogging stroller from Phil & Ted’s is perfect for mom’s with newborns. Most jogging strollers on the market require that babies are able to hold their heads up before they can be used but the Sport Buggy from Phil & Ted’s has a seat that can be converted to a bassinet for a young baby. But that’s not all, the Sport’s Buggy allows a second seat to be added to the stroller which means this stroller can be used with either a newborn, a toddler, a toddler and a newborn, or two toddlers.

The Sport Buggy also features a multi-position handle, which is an option that is often overlooked but can accomplish or break a stroller, and a double rear foot brake. The stroller can also be used with a Phil & Ted’s infant travel seat. The heavy duty frame is made of steel, and the seat pad is completely washable.

With the Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy parents have their choice of seven colors, apple, red and charcoal, black and charcoal, navy and charcoal, red graffiti, apple graffiti, or blue graffiti.

To learn more about Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy you can visit the Phil & Ted’s website.

Bumbleride Indie

Bumbleride’s Indie stroller is touted as the stroller that combines the features of an all-terrain multi-terrain stroller with the features of an urban jogging stroller. One of my favorite things about this stroller is it doesn’t seek like your typical jogging stroller, and features all the luxuries of a top designer stroller. Another feature that makes it an ideal jogging stroller is the three hundred and sixty degree angle swiveling front wheel. The Indie is also a very light weight stroller, which weighs just twenty pounds.

The Bumbleride Indie’s reclining seat can be dilapidated with infants, and can also be used with multiple infant car seats such as the Graco Soft Seat, Graco Snug Ride, Britax Companion, Peg Perego Primmo Viaggio, Combi Centre, Chicco Key Fit, and Baby Trend Flex-Loc.

The Bumbleride Indie is available as a single seat stroller, or a double stroller, and comes in your choice of five colors, ruby, koa (a brownish shade), seagrass, spice (orange color), or Bwana Limited edition (a dark blue).

To purchase the Bumbleride Indie or to learn more about it you can visit the Bumbleride website.

BOB Ironman Stroller

The BOB Ironman Stroller is a high quality jogging stroller that looks your typical jogging stroller but is oh so much nicer. It is lightweight, takes curves with ease, can be used off-road, and is the jogging stroller or serious athletes. It is so well-liked among athletes that the BOB Ironman Stroller is the official stroller of the Ironman triathlon.

The BOB Ironman Stroller is available as single or dual stroller and comes in two color combinations, yellow and red, or navy and gray.

Raising Children to Grow in Grace, not Through Fear

Most parents really want to turn out good kids. We want our children to grow up to be successful people. But at what price?

Have the days of an old fashioned swat turned into justification for brutality that takes the lives of small children?

Why are so many parents quick to jump on this path of violence? Are their children THAT “evil” that they feel that whipping them with plumbing supply line from Home Depot the ONLY way to correct their behavior?

Many parents rush to the defense of the authors of such teachings, but why are we allowing ourselves to be told that whipping a child with plumbing supply line won’t cause internal damage? Really? Has anyone read about the internal damage that took the life of Lydia Schatz? Have they seen the photos of her sister’s body…who managed to live through it? Have they read about the lost life of precious Hana Grace-Rose? Have they ever spoken to someone who was raised with this kind of teaching?

Oh these are just isolated cases, maybe? At what point do we, as parents, re-evaluate our parenting methods? It’s not easy to question the ‘authority’ of people you admire, love, or who you have publicly defended many times over…it’s not easy to be humble about something we have had so much pride in.

Will you listen to a mother who had a change of heart and stopped supporting their books? I used to read their books. They were given to me by a mother in a former church. We were both young mothers at the time and she said this to me, “You may not agree with everything in this book, so use your own best judgement.” I honestly tried to follow the advice in their books. It didn’t work.

The so called discipline and training methods they write about only created more fear in my children and it caused a wall to go up between us. My relationship with my children was withering away. Was this the price for turning out “obedient” children? Is it really true obedience when it’s done by threat of violence? If you follow the Pearl’s advice, have a heart to heart talk with your children. Ask them what they fear will happen if they disobey? If they say they’re afraid to be spanked, that is a RED FLAG for a parent that there is a problem. The children aren’t the problem, the parents are.

My dear friends, we need to use our God given brains and think for ourselves. Children aren’t cut from the same cookie cutters. Not all children respond to identical methods that other people have used.  It wasn’t too long ago that parents all over the world spoke out about Amazon selling a book on their site that caused harm to children by teaching how to get away with molesting them. Amazon is selling this book that teaches how to whip your children…the book claims it will not cause internal damage. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and buy the book..USED. There’s no reason to keep lining the pockets of the Pearl’s with money that further spreads such twisted teachings.

We hold tobacco companies accountable for cancer. They have to put a warning on their packages now. We have organizations that educate us on the consequences of smoking, but what do we do about a book that teaches child abuse? Just because they have some Bible verses thrown in there (out of context) doesn’t make it right teaching. (more…)