My Weight Loss Progress – A Massive Fail

Hidie-ho, good people! How the heck are ya? Did you eat well, exercise, take care of yourself this weekend?

I did none of those things.

This weekend entailed two trips to visit family – in-laws on Saturday, my family on Sunday. Both trips were for major events: Saturday was a funeral (my husband’s Great Uncle), Sunday was a Christening (for my twin baby cousins). Talk about the circle of life – remembering the life of someone who lived to be 100, and celebrating the start of two new little lives.

Saturday I was on my own with the girls at my in-law’s house while they went to the funeral services. Left in a house that is NOT on a diet, which meant lots of chips, cookies, cheese, etc. I’m sure you can conclude what happened there.

Sunday was a 5 course dinner after the Christening, which was delicious, but a LOT of food – and yes, I ate it all.

Where did my resolve go? Why do I let it just disappear at times like these? These are the mysteries that I’m still working to discover. I should have prepared for my in-law’s house by bringing my own food – lesson learned. Going to a function like the Christening just requires that I remain focused and present, and STOP EATING when I’m full.

So, now it’s Monday. I’m coming off a 1/2 pound gain from Friday, and 2 days of eating with abandon (and no exercise, natch). I’m going to try to make up for it by eating 1,200 calories a day for the next four days. Just until my weigh-in on Friday, just to get my head back in the game. Hopefully I can head off another gain this week at least, and get back on track! I have also bought a body fat scale monitor to keep track of my body composition. Is it worth? check more on body scale monitor here (more…)

The Illusion of Choice

“Routine really is important because it takes the choice out of things. When you constantly have to make choices to stay true to your plan, it becomes wearing and the slippery slope happens.”

I agree with that and I’ve been thinking about things like choice and freedom. There are basically two ways to lose weight through your eating plan. One type of plan basically restricts what you can eat. Examples of this would be low-fat diets (restrict fats) or low-carb diets (restrict carbs). The other type of plan basically restricts how much you eat, but allows you to theoretically eat anything. Weight Watchers Points Plus is an example of this type of diet. Another example would be classic calorie counting.

In reality, both types of plans end up with you eating fewer total calories. If you cut out or severely limit certain macronutrients or particular food groups, then you end up eating fewer calories overall. At the same time, while you can theoretically eat anything on Weight Watchers, to stay within your points you are limited in what you can eat. And, you soon find out that while you can eat cake or cookies or candy – you can’t really eat very much of it and still lose weight.

Some people like the plans where you don’t have to count and measure so much and just have clear rules of eat this and don’t eat that. Others like plans where you have freedom and there are no forbidden foods. I personally tend to prefer those types of plans. I do tend to eat more low end of moderate on carbs, but I don’t like to feel that there is any food that I can’t eat (I recognize that some people have allergies or reactions to certain foods and may indeed have foods that they can’t eat). (more…)