Baby Wearing & Lillebaby

Before my son (Trae) was born I knew I wanted to keep him close. I was all about kangaroo care in the hospital and I was so glad I did it, he tried to latch on immediately and I felt this instant bond with him. I practiced skin to skin contact for around 3 weeks while I was establishing my milk supply, and I truly believe this helps. Your body produces hormones like crazy when you are laying with your baby against your bare chest, hence producing milk. I also wanted to keep him close in public.

I knew I wanted to wear him at the grocery, or while shopping or at church. I mean let’s just face it… none of us want someone touching our baby. I still don’t like for strangers to touch him, especially his hands or face, and he’s almost 14 months old!

I had 2 carriers given to me as gifts at my shower, a Chicco, and an Infantino. Neither were a success. Both of them caused Trae’s legs to turn purple, they got cold and they KILLED my back. He never lasted in one of them for an entire grocery trip, my back and shoulders couldn’t take it and I worried about his legs too much. I used a basic sling at home which I liked okay, but I didn’t feel like it was sturdy enough to use for a long period of time. So, around 6 months I researched soft structured carriers like it was my job. Tula, Boba, Lenny Lamb, and Lillebaby for the most part. I wanted to make sure that I spent my money on something I would be satisfied with and actually use.

I am happy to say that with Lillebaby not only did I make a good decision, I made my life so much easier, and I also started feeding the beginning of an addiction! For those of you who don’t know much about baby wearing or have never tried it, let me explain. Baby wearing is an amazing way to bond with your baby. I have 3 stories to share with you about bonding. I have a friend who couldn’t breastfeed, she felt like a failure, she felt like she hadn’t bonded with her baby, she felt guilty and she was so upset about it. The best thing about this baby carrier is that this comes with a hip seat.

baby carrier with hip seat

I encouraged her to start baby wearing to see if it helped. Do you know that she is still thanking me for helping her and this happened 3 months ago?! She said she felt like that closeness is what she needed to help cope with not breastfeeding. Another friend suffered from postpartum depression for several months. I encouraged her to start baby wearing as well. She said she didn’t feel close to the baby, she sometimes didn’t enjoy feeding the baby or even rocking her to sleep.

I let her borrow my carrier for a few days and she messaged me on day 1 saying “This is the closest I have felt to my baby since she was born.” I immediately started to cry and I thought to myself that baby wearing serves so many purposes. I myself felt very detached from my son when I started weaning him around his 1st birthday. I compensated nursing sessions with baby wearing instead. I felt so warm and cozy and wanted, he felt safe, and loved and comfortable. It is truly a great thing.

Not only do I encourage baby wearing for bonding, I encourage it for CONVENIENCE! Let me list a few things I do/ have done while baby wearing: plowed a garden, water the garden, landscaped my front yard, hike, CrossFit, fitness class, Zumba, shop, laundry, vacuum, dishes, cooking, meal prep, eat in a restaurant, and more. I use my Lillebaby on a daily basis, usually at least twice if not more. Trae sometimes goes to the nursery where I hang the carriers and reaches for them!

When I start putting one on, he comes to me with arms up! He knows what the word “up” means and he gets excited! I honestly don’t know what I did without Lille. I used to feel so tied down, like I couldn’t go anywhere or even complete a simple task with the baby. One day I decided I HAD TO start exercising again and I really didn’t have anyone who could babysit 3 times a week for an hour or so while I worked out, and I didn’t want to have to leave the baby either. I thought to myself “Why don’t I just take him with me and wear him?” I worked out with him at home (but needed outside socialization and motivation), what would be any different if I did it in a gym or fitness class? It was the start of something wonderful for me, and him.

Trae LOVES working out. He laughs during burpees, and jumping jacks. He now dances in his carrier during Zumba and waves his little arms around everywhere. He loves hiking, he talks and points to birds or trees and gets so excited! I believe I am teaching him something remarkable about work ethic, and a healthy lifestyle. We work in the carrier, play in the carrier, and exercise in the carrier.

I can’t wait to share more with you about Lillebaby. I am so glad I chose the brand to begin building my carrier stash! My next post will be all about Lillebaby, why I LOVE them and which ones I have… I’ll be giving my personal review of each one! Stay tuned!

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